New Canine Cancer Drug Approved by FDA

Palladia is the first FDA approved therapy to treat mast cell tumors in dogs.

Palladia is the first FDA approved therapy to treat mast cell tumors in dogs.

Pfizer Animal Health announced yesterday that the FDA has approved the first drug to exclusively treat canine cutaneous mast cell cancer.  Up until now, dogs with cancer have been treated using human cancer drugs, with modified protocols. 

Palladia, which is given orally, has been in development since 2000, and has demonstrated very positive results in dogs with mast cell tumors.  According to Pfizer, 60% of dogs receiving this therapy showed positive results including a complete disappearance of the tumor(s). 

Mast cell tumors are the second most common type of tumors among dogs.  They are especially common among breeds such as Bulldogs, Boxers, Pugs and Boston Terriers.  Because mast cells are found throughout the body, they can appear virtually anywhere, and tumors are often overlooked or misdiagnosed in their early stages.  They are often considered the “great imitators.”  It is important to not that some mast cell tumors can be benign.  Only through cytologic testing can a veterinary professional determine the grade of tumor and whether or not it is malignant.

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For more information and resources related to canine cancer, please visit the Georgia’s Legacy website at

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