Save on Your Pet’s Prescriptions at Walgreens

Save money on your pet's presriptions.

Save money on your pet's prescriptions at Walgreens.

If you are used to spending big bucks on your pet’s prescriptions each month, you may want to consider joining the Walgreens Prescription Savings Club, where pets are family too!.  Most of us are familar with plans like these for humans, but you may not know that the Walgreens Family Enrollment plan, which is only $35 per year, ALSO includes your four-legged family members!  So, you could realize some huge savings on your pet’s medications by enrolling. 

Keri Goldman of Paws 4 a Cure, who originally let us know about this great program, reported that her dog’s medications would have been $187 without the plan, but after transferring the prescriptions to Walgreens, the same medications were only $41.14 with the Prescription Savings Club! 

What does membership in the Prescription Savings Club include?  According to the Walgreens website:

Your membership includes prescription discounts on more than 5,000 brand name and generic medications. In addition, a 90-day supply of over 400 select generic medications is available to you for less than $1 a week. You also earn rewards when you purchase Walgreens brand products and photofinishing services.* In addition, you’ll receive a coupon book valued at $50 in savings, good throughout Walgreens stores, just for asking one of our pharmacy staff how much the Prescription Savings Club will save you.

The club includes discounted pricing on common medications often prescribed to pets, such as Amoxicillin (antibiotic), Humulin®(insulin), Hydrocortisone (skin conditions), Omeprazole (digestive), etc. In order to qualify for the discount, you must have a valid prescription for your pet and the medication must be one that has a human equivalent. Your veterinarian will tell you if your pet’s prescription can be filled at a retail pharmacy.

To qualify for this Savings Club, you must live in the US or Puerto Rico, and you cannot be enrolled in a publicly funded health care plan such as Medicare or  Medicaid.  Enrollment is easy and can be done in person at your local Walgreens, or online.

The Walgreens website even includes a Drug Pricing Tool that lets you type in the name of a drug and shows you what you would pay with the plan, to give you an idea of potential savings. 

For details about the Walgreens Prescription Savings Plan, CLICK HERE.

To enroll online, CLICK HERE.

About Kerry Malak

I am a Bulldog mom, Reiki Master/Teacher, pet loss counselor and canine cancer advocate who loves working with people and animals to help them live longer, happier and healthier lives.
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8 Responses to Save on Your Pet’s Prescriptions at Walgreens

  1. Carly says:

    Great program you have here, check this out and you may probably extend this program to them

  2. Jim says:

    The Walgreens program has a major limitation: In order to qualify for the discount, you must have a valid prescription for your pet and the medication must be one that has a human equivalent.

    So far, every drug my vet has prescribed is one that is not available at Walgreens. I won’t be wasting money on the Prescription Savings Plan.

  3. If you find that a certain medication is not covered, ask the vet to change it to one that is covered. That is if there is a suitable substitute. Every prescription that the vet has prescribed for my dog has been covered. Her thyroid pills and antibiotics were just covered yesterday. I have never paid more than $16 for any of her meds.

    • Jane U Lore says:

      Have you ever heard that Walgreens covers Carafate Susp 1/gm/10ml Oz (liquid) or Reglan Syrup 5mg/5ml Oz, or Buprenorphine Oral Sal’m 5ml for pain?

      • Kerry Malak says:

        I’m not familiar with those things but if they are a human prescription drug then they should. I know that they do not cover drugs that are veterinary-only.

  4. Barbara says:

    I think this is an absolutely wonderful plan! Please send this to my good friend and dog groomer Maria R.
    Her e-mail is Thank you.

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