Rosie’s Story – Mast Cell Cancer and Palladia

Palladia has helped Rosie achieve remission from Mast Cell Cancer.

Palladia has helped Rosie achieve remission from Mast Cell Cancer.

Ever since the FDA announced approval of the drug Palladia this past June to treat Mast Cell Cancer in dogs, many people have been looking into this as a treatment option, since mast cell tumors are one of the most common types of tumors found on dogs.  But, because this treatment is still relatively new, there aren’t as many documented stories from pet owners about their dog’s personal experiences using this drug. 

As most of us know, hearing firsthand from another pet owner about a particular cancer treatment can be an extremely valuable tool in deciding how to handle our own dog’s cancer. 

Meet Rosie, a beautiful and sweet yellow lab who was diagnosed with Mast Cell Cancer in June 2009.  She is currently being treated with Palladia and has been doing extremely well throughout treatment.  She is actually in remission at the moment, with no sign of cancer.  To help others learn from Rosie’s experience, her parents decided to document her journey through a blog called “Rosie’s Road.” 


So, if your dog has been diagnosed with Mast Cell Cancer, check out this great blog filled with information to help you make the best possible decisions to help your best friend.  Learn from Rosie and share in the trials and triumps of her journey with cancer.  And, if you are looking for additional help or information about canine cancer, visit the Georgia’s Legacy website at

About Kerry Malak

I am a Bulldog mom, Reiki Master/Teacher, pet loss counselor and canine cancer advocate who loves working with people and animals to help them live longer, happier and healthier lives.
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8 Responses to Rosie’s Story – Mast Cell Cancer and Palladia

  1. rosiesmom says:

    Thanks for the nice article about Rosie and her blog.

  2. Beth D says:

    I was wondering if they will offer a discounted rate or financial assistance for Palladia. My dog has been taking it for several months now, after being disgnosed with Mast Cell 3. Last week, I was finally charged for a one month’s supply – $547! Is there any plan in the works to help the pet owner’s?

    • Hi Beth,

      I don’t know of any plans at the moment to provide discounted prices but know that was a concern with the new drug…no one seemed to know how expensive it would be once it was officially on the market. $547 is a lot of money and pretty comparable to the cost of a month of chemo. If you have pet insurance, that will hopefully help cover some of the cost. Otherwise, I will keep my eyes open for any programs to help out pet owners. And, if you find out anything, please let us know. Best of luck to your pup – hope he continues to do well in his fight against cancer!


  3. Scott Daisey says:

    Hello Beth and Kerry,
    I also have been told that our little Daise has Mast cell tumors grade three, I have read about Pallaida and am going to try to get it for her . but if you could find a discount for this drug I would be verry grateful We live on a fixed income from SS and its going to be hard.

    Thank you

  4. Donna Wolff says:

    Our beloved dog Bruno (doberman) has been diagnosed with Mast Cell Stage III and we are starting him on Palladia after having him on prednisone which was working fine but he has had new lesions surfacing. The drug is expensive, but in the 10 years we 7 years we have had him, he has been very healthy so this expense is well worth it. I pray that it works for him or at least keeps him comfortable.

  5. Vikas Anand says:

    My litttle english Bulldog has gone through 2 surgeries for mast cell grade 3 in last 4 months. All of a sudden now between her neck and shoulder a big mass,size of grapefruit, has occured within 3-4 days.
    I have spent over 6K to help her survive. Yesterday we took her in to the oncologist and she conducted chest x-rays, heart, lungs and blood vessels scans. She also performed a serum chemistry profile and complete bolld count check for kidney and liver and cell counts. Everything came out clear.
    In the abdominal ultrasound she found numerous hypoechoic nodules within the spleen. She fears tumor spread to her spleen.
    Palldia is what I have decided to go with. I am still debating since the new mast cell is of grade 2 .. should I get the surgery done to have it removed and follow up with Palladia.
    I see my little girl in pain and want to make sure I try everything b4 letting her slip. We as a family have decided to give up our yearly vacation for next 3 years to pay for this.
    Any Advise.


    Vikas Anand

  6. Lauren says:

    Google Morris Family Foundation and they have a page for links for financial assistance and grants… Also try

    I’m going to get the highly recommended book called Dog Cancer Survival Guide (?) by DVM Damian ___? It’s on Amazon and I’ve seen several vets who highly recommend it online — red background colored book). It’s all about “what to do when your dog is diagnosed with cancer.” He will email you a free online 76 page “mini book” on what to do. He is a traditionally trained vet but practices more from a HOLISTIC (whole dog thinking — mind, body, spirit) viewpoint. You can sign up for his regular newsletter — it’s free.

    **The best thing you can all do is change their DIET!** All natural — none of the junk processed foods they sell in stores, even the higher end ones. And give them filtered water! Google Dr. Harvey’s He’s a veterinarian who developed his entire line of HUMAN grade all natural foods/supplements to dogs/cats, etc. He offers a freeze dried Canine “food” that contains a lot of nutrient rich ingredients like oats, barley, etc. I’ve used it before and it’s well worth it. Our dogs loved it and it detoxifyed them and they were bouncing around like puppies even though they were both about 13 years old. I’m convincd that all the junk (including dead dogs and cats from clinics and animals shelters, I’m not lying it’s true!) that are processed into most commercially mass produced dog foods is what’s giving all these dogs cancer at earlier ages! It’s of epidemic proportions! Google “rendering plant” and see what comes up. It’s disgusting! There was an article about it in the Wall St. Journal earlier last year about what a “big bucks” business it is and it’s kept quiet. No wonder our dogs are all getting cancer and other degenerative diseases! Please, change your animals diet to all natural and more holistic and you will see the difference within a week or two! We also steam brocolli and other green veggie’s 3-4 times a week for our dogs and they LOVE IT! At first your dog may not like it but they will learn to love it. We have five rescued dogs and they all jump up and down in anticipation of my putting their bowl full of veggies on the floor for them to eat! Try a holistic vet as a second opinion at the very least. I’ve used both and I’d use a holistic vet anyday as it’s more natural and gets to the ROOT OF THE PROBLEM, not just “masking” it with pharmaceuticals! Good luck to you and all God bless you and your pets.

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