New Lymphoma Clinical Trials – Dogs Wanted to Participate

Thanks to the National Canine Cancer Foundation for sharing this new clinical trial opportunity with us.  If your dog has recently been diagnosed with lymphoma and you are interested in learning more about how to participate in this treatment research, please contact

Helia, LLC, is working on the targeted nano particle laser irradiation project for canine lymphoma and looking for dogs with stage 1 through 3 canine lymphoma for clinical trials.

Leigh J. Mack Product Development Manager says “We are looking for patients in the Midwest or South East sections of the US but would look at all areas.   We prefer tumors that are smaller and not a mass tumor located near the surface. The tumors should be close to the skin but we could work with ones that are internal also. And we will work with the local DVM on the case and we can provide most of if not all the funding for the treatment.” If you are interested in participating please contact Helia at

About Kerry Malak

I am a Bulldog mom, Reiki Master/Teacher, pet loss counselor and canine cancer advocate who loves working with people and animals to help them live longer, happier and healthier lives.
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4 Responses to New Lymphoma Clinical Trials – Dogs Wanted to Participate

  1. Susan Bryant says:

    I responded to the email for this! We just learned that our Silky Terrier was diagnosed with lymphoma yesterday. The vet says he is in the very early stages of the disease because we are so cautious and the first we felt the swollen lymph nodes, we got him in to the vet! Our dog Brutus just turned 3 years old this past September and we never thought we would have to deal with him having cancer this young! He was our first dog we had that fit in to our family and when we learned of him having cancer, my whole family is devastated! We don’t have a lot of money so we are hoping he will fit in to this clinical trial because we cannot afford the high vet bills! My husband lost his job last May and just went back to work a few weeks ago. We need help! Please help Brutus so we don’t have to put him down!

  2. Daniela DeMatteo says:

    Our dog has not even had his first birthday yet. We are devastated.

  3. angela says:

    we just found out last night our 2 1/2yr old has lymphoma. He’s our first dog, and so amazingly smart. We’re crushed. Looking for poss treatments, clinical trials, anything to help our guy live a full life, Were in CA, bay area,if you know of anything.

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