Ukiah’s New Fight

Sometimes certain stories really touch my heart and this is one of them that I wanted to share with you, about a dog  named Ukiah who was given a second chance at life and who is now fighting for his life once again.


How far would you go to save your dog's life?

This is Ukiah, a gorgeous Malamute whose story begins when he was abandoned at the end of a road in March 2008.  As the heartless person in the truck drove away, Ukiah just stood there in the middle of the road, looking around — unsure of what to do next or where to go, and surely not understanding why he was now totally and completely alone in the world. 

Fortunately for this innocent, half-starved pup, there was someone nearby who saw what had happened, and who came to his rescue.  A kind woman named Pam.  Pam went up to the sick and confused dog and called out to him.  And with the trust and optimism so often found in dogs but so rarely seen in people, he came to her immediately.  Maybe he could sense that in her hands he would be safe, and forever loved.

Severely neglected, Ukiah had heartworm, hookworms and pneumonia when he first met Pam.  But, with her determination to nurse him back to health and his innate will to survive, he made it through and became a permanent part of her loving family along with her other dog Tanner.  The years since being have been happy years where Ukiah has been well cared for and thoroughly loved.

Now, Ukiah faces a new battle as he was recently diagnosed with Malignant Melanoma, which was found after a teeth cleaning.  His mom Pam has asked for our prayers as she struggles to find help for her sweet angel.  But, getting him the treatment that can save his life has not been easy.  Pam is disabled, living on a small pension, and has few people around her to help during this crisis for her family.  While she has been searching for every conceivable option to pay for the treatment Ukiah needs – Care Credit, increasing limits on credit cards, applying for financial assistance programs, even refinancing her home – his future is still in doubt because of the mounting veterinary bills.  But, she will not stop looking for help because she loves Ukiah and knows that he deserves the chance to beat cancer.

With luck, Ukiah will be eligible to receive the Melanoma vaccine and will be spared radical surgery on his jaw.  They will find out next week if this, or chemotherapy is an option.  Although melanoma can be very aggressive, it can also be treated with success if caught early enough and with the right treatment.  Pam hopes and prays that somehow Ukiah will be given more time to enjoy the live he now lives – where he loves to play in the yard and steal tomatoes off the vine in the garden and chase his sister Tanner.  Today, Ukiah feels good and is acting like his normal, happy, energetic self.  Hopefully help will arrive in time to ensure that he continues to feel this way for a long, long time.

Georgia’s Legacy extends thoughts and prayers to Ukiah and his family and if you would like to offer any words of advice or support for Pam, please post your comments here or email Pam at


Ukiah’s story highlights the constant need for more options for families in similar situations, who cannot afford the lifesaving treatments their dogs need to fight cancer.  Groups like The Magic Bullet Fund, Paws 4 A Cure, Fetch A Cure and Canine Cancer Awareness are all fantastic organizations who work to raise money to help people like Pam and dogs like Ukiah, who deserve the chance to fight and beat cancer.  But, these organizations can only help others if we help them.  Without adequate support, they have to turn down applications like Pam’s, because there just isn’t enough money to help all of those in need.  What a terrible choice to have to make – your financial security, or your beloved family member’s life.  If you can, or if you have been fortunate enough to be able to afford your dog’s cancer treatments, please consider donating to one of these organizations so they can help create happy endings to stories like Ukiah’s.

About Kerry Malak

I am a Bulldog mom, Reiki Master/Teacher, pet loss counselor and canine cancer advocate who loves working with people and animals to help them live longer, happier and healthier lives.
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8 Responses to Ukiah’s New Fight

  1. Pam says:

    Hi to all-My name is Pam…..I never realised that Canine Cancer is so prevalant–…..-Let alone so deadly,,,,We had taken Kia to the MSU vet teaching facility. on advice of our Vet when this was diagnosed…..And there were at least 30 animals going thru there while we were waiting….At first I was told ONLY THE MANDIBULECTOMY[sp?] was a sure bet….But I’m finding there are MANY OPTIONS…and combinations of options….We are taking Kia thru OVRS…Oakland Veterinary Referrel Service-A great “hospital” near Detroit…They have oncologists-which we see this next Friday-as well as operationg rooms etc.We will find out if Kia is a good candidate for “options”-Maybe a combination of treatments….My “big guy” deserves a calm,safe and peaceful life….And to all his NEW FRIENDS out in WWWland-THANK YOU for CARING…..Ukiah Hairball and Tanner-O yeh-and our “peeple”….

  2. Pam says:

    May 28-2010….UPDATE…Ukiah goes for his 3rd vaccine TODAY…He seems to be holding his own….Another shot in 2 more weeks-the 4th in “his” series and then a shot every 6 mos. for as long as he lives…We have sold some items from the “artfire” site-Which is going to finance his CT Scan and Radiation Therapy whigh needs to start after June 11th ..Please “visit” our “store”..Every purchase goes to help UKIAH..Thanks to all his “pack” out in WWWLand for your support thru his illness….”mudder” and Ukiah Hairball + TannerGurl and Don…..

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  4. Thank you for sharing Ukiah’s story, Kerry, this gorgeous boy is one of our great success stories!! The Magic Bullet Fund has helped 130 dogs through cancer treatment, but everyone knows that I have a special place in my heart for pups like Ukiah (and Bullet).

  5. Pam Burton says:

    We are adding a NEW tag to our boys’ name….Beautiful MIRACLE Rescue Boy!!March 11,2011 is the anniversary-ONE YEAR-since removal and diagnosis……We/He has been invited-as a guest of honor-to The Michigan State Veterinary Teaching Hospital-to attend a party in honor of their 2011 MIRACLE PETS.I have included the site for the 2010 celebration.
    Thanks to Laurie Kaplan and The Magic Bullet Fund for their Donations.Ukiah has been given the chance to live.And to ALL those volunteers who give of their time and energy-THANK YOU!And to ALL those who Donate-THANK YOU!
    Ukiahs’ fight is not over.He continues to receive the DNA Cancer Vaccine every 6 months at a cost of $400 per injection.He also needs to be “staged” at 6 month intervals.These tests include Blood Work as well as Chest Xrays and Stomach Ultrasound and cost an additional $1000.00.
    To ALL those who continue to help Ukiah-Michelle Margo and The Riedel and Cody Fund as well as all his supporters-too many to name individually-YOU know who you are-THANK YOU from “OUR BEAUTIFUL MIRACLE RESCUE BOY-UKIAH”-and from myself ,Don and TannerGurl

    • Dee says:

      I hope to meet Ukiah at the Celebration of Life ceremony this weekend. I will be there without my miracle dog Emily who is being honored for the 2nd year. She died of hemangiosarcoma in 2008. The oncology at Michigan State makes miracles happen. I will always be grateful for everyone there who helped us through our battle with cancer.

      • Pam Burton says:

        Dee-Please-PLEASE-let me know who you are….I am so sorry for your loss of Emily…Ukiah and I will be there.My nephew-Don-is Ukiahs best friend and our helper/driver/man of all trades-He has taken the day off work to bring us down for the celebration….I am looking forward to meeting you…Pam and UkiahHairBall…

  6. Pam Burton says:

    Hello again….Getting ready for the Celebration on April 16th….Got information and handouts to leave at the Onco Department for those whose animals are newly diagnosed.Ukiah will need to return about mid June for his tests and next DNA Vaccine….Thanks again to everyone for your emotional support as well as your purchases from Ukiahs’ Store……

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