Living A Life Less Polluted

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Reducing the amount of chemicals in your life could lead to longterm health benefits for you and your pets.

Have you ever had friends or family look at you strangely or make snide comments when you tell them you only give your dog filtered water, or when you discuss your dog’s diet and they realize that your dog eats healthier than they do? 

Do people ever think you go overboard in trying to protect your dog (or your human kids)  from all of the toxins in our world — using only natural household cleaners, refusing to pollute your yard with lawn chemicals, and putting your foot down when it comes to topical flea and tick medications? 

If any of this sounds like you, I’m here to tell you that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  And, to congratulate you for being ahead of the curve when it comes to recognizing the dangers of the toxic world we and our pets share. 

Here’s a scary statistic: Of the more than 80,000 chemicals in use today, only a few hundred have been tested for safety.  Yikes!

This week, the New  York Times published a fantastic Op-Ed piece by Nicholas D. Kristof called “New Alarm Bells About Chemicals and Cancer.”   It was written in response to the report released this week by the President’s Cancer Panel that FINALLY addresses what many of us have known for years — chemicals are a key factor in the development of cancer, and there are far  too many unregulated, untested and unsafe chemicals being used today in everything from food products to toys, to household cleaners and storage containers.  Perhaps most importantly, the President’s Cancer  Panel report brings this issue to the mainstream once and for all.  No longer can people write off these concerns as being the ramblings of a select group of hippies and health nuts.

For some reason, many people wrongly assume that if there isn’t concrete evidence proving that a chemical is NOT safe, then it has to be okay.  I tend to believe the opposite — prove to me beyond a reasonable doubt that a chemical will do no harm and I may believe you.  Otherwise, I’ll stick to choosing organic products whenever possible, cleaning my house with baking soda and vinegar, and learning to live with a few dandelions in my yard.  Sometimes, making better choices may take a little more effort, and can even be a little more expensive at times, but my health — and that of my family — is well worth it.  What about you?  Are YOU willing to educate yourself and your loved ones and make a commitment to making healthier choices for your family?

Land of PureGold Foundation’s founder Rochelle Lesser, who has been a long-time advocate for more natural living, has written a great blog post about how we can all make better choices to keep our pets and ourselves healthier and live a life less polluted.  Please take a moment to read this great article and be sure to check out the contest The Land of PureGold Foundation is sponsoring to bring attention to the need for healthier, cleaner pet food.  READ POST

About Kerry Malak

I am a Bulldog mom, Reiki Master/Teacher, pet loss counselor and canine cancer advocate who loves working with people and animals to help them live longer, happier and healthier lives.
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