Treating Animal Cancer Naturally – A Path With Paws

Many of us who have faced cancer with our pups have decided that the best way to fight is to use an integrative treatment approach that takes the best from both conventional and holistic medicine.

And, while finding a great holistic vet near you is often still a challenge, the internet has made finding information on natural treatment options easier than ever before. But, this easy access to information can also make it harder to sort through all of the ideas, recommendations and mixed messages out there.  How can a pet parent make sense of what really works?

dog smiling

We're all smiles about Dr. Lena McCullough new "open source" project to help pet owners & conventional vets discover ways to treat cancer naturally.

Helping us to deal with these issues is Lena McCullough, DVM, CVA. Her website, A Path With Paws, is a great online resource for holistic veterinary information and natural cancer treatment options. But that’s just the start.

As Dr. McCullough explains on her website:

I often get calls and emails from folks out of the area with animals with cancer. Sometimes I am able to turn them on to someone who can help them in their area but sometimes they are far away from big cities and holistic vets.

So after much thought I have decided to embark on a journey over the next couple years to bring the information I have to anyone who may want it. I am going to begin to write a book on treating cancer in dogs and cats.

My plan is to post what I am writing on the web in small sections and then in the end to pull all the information together into a book. However I want this information to stay open source so everything will also remain on my website for viewing.

In reading Dr. McCullough’s articles and looking at the tentative outline of her book, this project will undoubtedly result in a must-have resource for pet owners AND their conventional vets to use during their journey with cancer.

We are so excited to watch this project as it unfolds and will continue to share Dr. McCullough’s articles with you on our Facebook page so you can educate yourself and share this information with your regular vets.

Sharing information and supporting each other throughout the cancer experience is what it’s all about. It’s how we can work together to save more lives, and will eventually help us to beat this disease for good.  We applaud Dr. McCullough for her work and for her commitment to making her work accessible to all.

To learn more about A Path With Paws and treating cancer naturally, CLICK HERE.

About Kerry Malak

I am a Bulldog mom, Reiki Master/Teacher, pet loss counselor and canine cancer advocate who loves working with people and animals to help them live longer, happier and healthier lives.
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