Love Adds Up

Wishcuit raises money to aid in the fight against canine cancer through sales of its Loved Adds Up stickers and magnets.

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of meeting a lot of amazing people, many of whom have found creative ways to honor their beloved pets and to improve the lives of other animals in need. Sometimes the ideas start out very big, and sometimes they are seemingly small. But regardless, they all contribute to a real, positive difference, and they help make our world a better place.

One of my favorite examples of this kind of philanthropy and dedication to honoring the life of a special animal loved one is Wishcuit (rhymes with biscuit), founded by Kelly Kaliszewski.

Kelly’s beloved American Bulldog Cain is the inspiration behind “Love Adds Up for a Cure”.

It started out as a biscuit business meant to raise money for rescues. But after Kelly’s beloved dog Cain was diagnosed with cancer and subsequently lost his battle on November 12, 2009, Wishcuit took on a whole new direction – committed to the fight against canine cancer and helping dogs who have been diagnosed with this devastating disease.

The “Love Adds Up” campaign started out as barely more than a doodle drawn one random day while Cain was still battling cancer. Kelly didn’t think too much of it until her husband recognized what a simple, yet beautiful message her drawing conveyed. The seed was planted and from this small moment, a larger idea began to form.

Wishcuit now focuses primarily on selling stickers, magnets and other items featuring the Love Adds Up logo, which is a visual reminder of the precious human-animal bond, and the power that we have to save lives and change the world by working together. The “Love Adds Up for a Cure” campaign has become part of an international movement to raise awareness of canine cancer and to date, has raised thousands of dollars for non-profit organizations across the country. Kelly’s goal is to sell at least a million stickers and magnets in honor of Cain and all of the beloved dogs who have battled cancer.

Today marks the third anniversary of Cain’s passing, and I can’t help but think that he must be so proud of what has already been accomplished in his name and what has yet to happen as we all work together towards a world where canine cancer is no longer a threat, and all animals are loved and respected as family members and friends.

In honor of Cain and all of the other beloved furkids that have fought cancer, I encourage you to join the Wishcuit movement – to purchase a Love Adds Up sticker or magnet, share the link on your website or Facebook page, and be ‘one in a million’ in the fight against canine cancer.

For more information about Wishcuit or to make a purchase, visit

About Kerry Malak

I am a Bulldog mom, Reiki Master/Teacher, pet loss counselor and canine cancer advocate who loves working with people and animals to help them live longer, happier and healthier lives.
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