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13 Year Study of Golden Retrievers Hopes to Identify Risk Factors for Cancer

Can you imagine a world in which canine cancer is no longer a mystery?  Where the root causes are known and cancer can actually be PREVENTED in many cases?  Can you imagine that happening within the next 15 years?  It … Continue reading

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Bone Marrow Transplants Offer the Promise of a Cure for Canine Lymphoma

Not long ago, when a dog was diagnosed with lymphoma, one of the most common forms of canine cancer, pet guardians had little reason to hope for a cure.  With success rates of less than 2% and remission times lasting … Continue reading

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Living A Life Less Polluted

Have you ever had friends or family look at you strangely or make snide comments when you tell them you only give your dog filtered water, or when you discuss your dog’s diet and they realize that your dog eats … Continue reading

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