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CSU Canine Cancer Q&A Video

Do you have some basic questions about canine cancer?  This 25 minute video from the Morris Animal Foundation’s Canine Cancer Campaign features a question and answer session with three of the top veterinary oncologists at the Colorado State University’s Animal … Continue reading

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Buyer Beware

When my English Bulldog Georgia was diagnosed with cancer at only four years old, I knew that there was virtually nothing that I wouldn’t do for her.  No treatment, no alternative therapy, and no specialty supplement was out of the … Continue reading

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Educating Yourself About Canine Cancer

As many who have successfully battled cancer will tell you, one of the keys to managing the disease is educating yourself.  Knowing exactly what you’re dealing with, what options are available and what others have experienced are all key components … Continue reading

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Helping Dogs with Bone Cancer

In the three years since I first entered the world of canine cancer, I have been amazed at the increase in the number of websites and organizations who have committed themselves to sharing information about dog cancers and helping those … Continue reading

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Integrative Cancer Treatment – Best of Both Worlds

Have you noticed how many natural food stores and alternative healing centers are popping up nowadays?  It’s an undeniable trend that can also be seen in the world of veterinary care as more pet guardians are seeking a holistic approach to … Continue reading

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Top 10 Animal Cancer Questions

Has your dog recently been diagnosed with cancer?  Are there questions that you’ve been afraid to ask or just haven’t found answers to yet? Kenneth M. Rassnick, DVM, DACVIM (Oncology) from Cornell University School of Veterinary Medicine presented a great … Continue reading

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L-Asparaginase: To Use or Not to Use

If your dog has been diagnosed with lymphoma, and you have chosen to pursue chemotherapy, then your vet may or may not have started out your dog’s treatment protocol with a drug called L-Asparaginase, or Elspar.  Originally the first drug … Continue reading

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