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Share Your Canine Cancer Success Stories

Georgia’s Legacy is seeking your stories of hope and courage to share with other pet owners whose dogs have been diagnosed with cancer.   Has your dog been enjoying a long remission since being diagnosed? Has your dog beaten the odds and … Continue reading

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New Hope for Dogs with Brain Tumors

  POST UPDATE: We are very sad to report that on January 18, 2010, Batman, the first dog treated with this new approach to dealing with glioma, passed away as a result of complications from seizures. But, he was still … Continue reading

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Dogs Help Develop New Cancer Treatment

According to an article in the January issue of Dog Fancy Magazine, dogs with lymphoma are now able to take advantage of a new type of technology that they actually helped develop.  Leukophoresis machines, which harvest stem cells that have … Continue reading

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Pet Photo Contest Can Fight Canine Cancer

  Naiosha Poses for the Camera TAKE A SHOT & SEND IT TO BISSELL Bissel, the vacuum cleaner company, is hosting a photo contest for your dog.  The winner gets to choose a charity to receive $10,000!  Georgia’s Legacy encourages you … Continue reading

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Radiation Therapy for Dogs

In addition to surgery and chemotherapy, radiation therapy is a common cancer treatment for dogs.  Depending on the type of cancer diagnosed, It can be used alone, in combination with chemotherapy, or used post surgery to kill any remaining cancer cells.  … Continue reading

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Best Books on Canine Cancer

One of the keys to helping your dog fight cancer is educating yourself about your dog’s cancer type, treatment options and what to expect during the process.  Don’t count on your vets for all of the information  you need.  A … Continue reading

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