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Integrative Cancer Treatment – Best of Both Worlds

Have you noticed how many natural food stores and alternative healing centers are popping up nowadays?  It’s an undeniable trend that can also be seen in the world of veterinary care as more pet guardians are seeking a holistic approach to … Continue reading

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The Two Supplements Every Cancer Pup Should Have

When researching nutrition and diet for dogs with cancer, it’s very easy to get confused by all of the information out there on the Internet.  As more and more pet parents investigate, and spend money, on natural and holistic alternatives for their companions, … Continue reading

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Current Veterinary Oncology Trials

While not for everyone, participating in a clinical trial can provide access to cutting-edge veterinary oncology treatments, and may alleviate some of the financial burden of treating your dog with cancer.  If you are interested in participating in a clinial … Continue reading

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3 Years Ago Today…

Three years ago today, my life was changed forever when I got the call from the vet telling me that my beloved friend and companion, a beautiful four year old English Bulldog named Georgia, had cancer.  Multicentric lymphoma he said.  She’d … Continue reading

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Free Oncology Consultations for Pets with Cancer

Many of us have been there before.  We find out that our beloved companion has cancer and are willing to do everything within our power to help them…then receive a second devastating blow when we find out that there are … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Canine Cancer Blog!

If your life has been touched by canine cancer, which now affects one out of three dogs during the course of their lifetime, then you know that you can never find enough resources to help you in the battle.  There … Continue reading

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