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Help My Dog Has Cancer! Tips for Coping with a New Diagnosis

March 22, 2005: 7:02 PM I just found out today that our little Georgia, the love of our life has lymphatic cancer. She’s a 4 year old English Bulldog, and just an amazing little soul. She is the sweetest, most … Continue reading

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Mackenzie’s Story of Courage

I recently received a wonderful email from a family in Toronto whose Golden Retriever, Mackenzie, was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer.  Her story reminded me that no matter how bad things can seem sometimes, there is always reason … Continue reading

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Treating Mast Cell Tumors in Dogs – Video

In this video, Dr. Mona Rosenberg, a Board Certified Veterinary Oncologist from Veterinary Cancer Group in Tustin, CA,  discusses mast cell tumors in dogs: what they are, how they are diagnosed and an overview of treatment options.  Mast Cell Tumor Treatments for … Continue reading

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New Canine Melanoma Vaccine Approved by USDA

Pet owners, rejoice!  There is yet another weapon in the fight against canine cancer.  Vical Incorporated, a biopharmaceutical products R & D firm based in San Diego, CA, has announced that the USDA has granted its licensee, Merial Limited, full … Continue reading

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Researchers at Cornell Developing New Gene Therapy

The seeming invincibility of cancerous tumors may be crumbling, thanks to a promising new gene therapy that eliminates the ability of certain cells to repair themselves. Researchers at the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine have discovered that inactivation of … Continue reading

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New Hope for Dogs with Brain Tumors

  POST UPDATE: We are very sad to report that on January 18, 2010, Batman, the first dog treated with this new approach to dealing with glioma, passed away as a result of complications from seizures. But, he was still … Continue reading

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When to Say Goodbye

No matter how hard we try, all of us eventually get to a point when we can no longer fight off the inevitable, and it is time to say goodbye to this life.  When it comes to our companion animals, … Continue reading

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